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Backman Racks Up Kindness during RAK Month

Kindness Week​Backman students were racking up kind acts in the month of February during a school-wide focus on Random Acts of Kindness. The idea grew out of the district Character Education committee’s focus on kindness during February. During the first week of the month, Kindness Kits were delivered to each classroom. These kits held ideas for activities, lessons, books, and videos that would help students learn about being kind to each other. Some classes watched kindness videos and discussed themes, while other classes wrote acrostic poems about kindness or wrote examples of kind language to use with others. Teachers also worked with students to identify kind acts they could do throughout the month.

Throughout the school students were seen holding doors, giving compliments, and helping teachers. Some classes took on bigger projects as well. Sixth-grade students cleaned up trash outside, and third-grade students wrote thank you letters to soldiers and other community helpers. Throughout the month, students used bingo boards, posters, and tally marks to add up all the kind deeds they performed. All that effort added up: the final total of kind acts topped 1,000 in just one month.

Author: Jeanne Winters Morriss, Backman Elementary

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