Kindergarten Teacher and StudentsChildren love to move! Learning the elements of dance is an important part of creativity. Students will gain an awareness of self, community, world, and culture. They will develop artistic skills along with performance skills and life skills. Students learn abstract thinking, expression, quality work and problem solving when engaged through experiences in the art form of dance. Research shows that healthy, fit kids learn best, and that movement has a positive impact on brain chemistry and function.

Kindergarten through Sixth grade students will:

  • Listen to signals and respond to movement and directions.
  • Move to a steady beat, changing tempo, recognize simple rhythms and patterns.
  • Perform a choreographed dance.
  • Explore movement - hop, skip, twirl, dance, throw, catch, kick, strike.
  • Maintain personal space and boundaries while moving.
  • Create an original dance.
  • Use imagination, audience skills, cultural understanding, and creativity to perform a dance.
  • Practice conditioning principles of balance, strength, flexibility, endurance and alignment.
  • Learn to duplicate dance movement, memorize sequences, isolation of body parts and joint articulation.
  • Explore more complex dance movements.
  • Study world dance.
  • Participate in regular physical activity that requires effort.
  • Explore movement - hop, skip, twirl, dance, throw, catch, kick, strike.
  • Maintain personal space and boundaries while moving.

Students will be actively learning through dance/kinesthetic movement. Through collaboration with the classroom teacher and dance teacher, integration of kinesthetic learning with the core curriculum subjects will occur. The students will experience rigorous lessons that integrate and cross cut the core curriculum. Integrating kinesthetic learning into the daily curriculum, can provide an all-inclusive learning classroom to meet the needs of the students through embodied learning. Content and core subjects (such as science, social studies, language arts, math, music and art) will be integrated with the dance curriculum. Dance will be a part of student learning and integrated into the curriculum in a way that fosters understanding of conceptual material. Students will extend their skills of questioning, gathering information, constructing explanations and drawing conclusions.

Students will be expected to participate in a learning environment that includes individual study, small group instruction, large group instruction, cooperative learning, group and individual responses, and independent work. Students from kindergarten through sixth grade, including special education classes, participate in the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program dance program. All students attend a weekly dance class.

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