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School Community Council (SCC)

Anali Alarcon SCC Chair (801) 578-8100
Yolanda Roybal Vice Chair (Parent) (801) 638-4965
Keith McKeown Parent
Cristyna Ramos Parent
Elyse Garrison School Employee (801) 578-8100
Heather Newell Principal/Director (801) 578-8100
Shannon Wilson Assistant Principal (801) 578-8100

Meeting Schedule:

Please join us on Zoom the following Tuesdays at 6PM: 

- September 28

- October 26

- February 22

- April 26

Zoom Link:


The Purpose and Duties of the School Community Council:

School community councils are responsible for preparing plans that are submitted to the school board for approval. They also should assist, as needed, and provide support for the implementation of the approved plans. School community council members are to represent the group that elected them to the school community council, as they make decisions and bring issues to the school community council for consideration.

School community councils are responsible for preparing various plans that are submitted to the school board for approval. They also assist in providing support for the implementation of the approved plans. Part of these plans relate to the expenditure of the School LAND Trust funds. If you would like to be a member of the School Community Council, please reach out to the office by calling 801-578-8100.  

The school plans for which the School Community Council has responsibility for developing are as follows:

  • School Improvement Plan
  • School LAND Trust Plan and report
  • Reading Achievement Plan
  • Child Access Routing Plan
  • Assist in the development of the Professional Development Plan; this is ultimately approved and submitted by staff.

Teacher and Student Success Plan:


Teachers will use learning targets and success criteria as they design lessons to increase teacher clarity, target skill development for English learner and deepen instruction. Teachers will design lessons so that students can answer these three questions: What are you learning? Why are you learning it? How will you know you are successful? 80% of our students will be able to answers these questions when asked by an observer. Data will be taken in November, February and April.


With almost 20% of our school population identified as students with disabilities, our goal this semester is to keep kids with their general education peers as much as possible to maintain access to high quality grade level core instruction. We will also work to meet their individual needs in small groups and 1:1 instruction in reading. With that support, 80% of our students with disabilities will make 15% growth on accuracy from beginning of year to middle of year on Acadience or Reading Inventory.


The staff at Backman Elementary will continue to develop our understanding of racial oppression at both personal and institutional levels. The racial make-up of our faculty and staff is diverse, and so the personal racial experiences vary greatly. In addition, Backman predominantly serves families of color, for this reason, it is essential that this group collectively commit to being anti-racist educators. Our goal is to clarify and strengthen the basic understanding of systemic racism and as a staff and then create specific language and skills to identify and change current racist policies and practices in our school and school system. 100% of our staff will increase their comfort level and have the tools to talk about race. 

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School Community Council Meetings


Shannon Wilson

Shannon Wilson

Assistant Principal Elementary