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HB 257 Update

Last Friday (4/19/2024), we informed you that we would be holding off on classroom presentations to students regarding H.B. 257, Sex-based Designations for Privacy, Anti-Bullying, and Women’s Opportunities, sometimes referred to as the bathroom bill. After additional conversations with education leaders and state legislators, we are moving forward in complying with the law, including the requirement that districts “give notice to students.”

As we move to comply with the law and support students, principals, counselors, or teachers in grades K-5 will deliver the information in this presentation to their students:

Students in grades 6-12 will receive the information in this presentation:

While the Utah State Board of Education has not provided specific direction to school districts regarding how to implement this new law, they have indicated that school districts “will determine how best to communicate the requirements listed in the bill to the students and families in their respective communities, including whether to notify all students of the new requirements.” It is important to share this information with all students, especially because we cannot presume to know every student who will be affected.

We remain committed to making sure our schools remain safe, welcoming places for all our students, families, and staff. We will continue to work with impacted students and their families to create privacy plans for individual students in accordance with the law.

If you have questions about the planned presentations, please contact your school principal.