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Greetings!  I’m Gretchen Klinger Cadora.  My students call me Ms. Gretchen. I’ve been teaching at Backman Elementary since 2013.  I moved here from a small island community in Southeast, Alaska, where I previously taught, and still spend my summers. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology, from Western Washington University in 1995 and my Master of Arts in Teaching from University of Alaska, Juneau in 2005.  I love Utah for it’s 4 seasons, skiing, biking, mountains, fabulous desert landscapes, and all the great outdoors it has to offer, which I love exploring with my family.  I feel honored to be part of the Backman community and watch our students grow and learn every day and every year.

Spring, 2020 Update:  Please continue to click on my link below for updates and science activities.

My Office Hours:  9am-12pm Monday-Friday

All Scientists

Click on the link below to join Salt Lake Students and Families collect data about stars and light pollution.  For you artists out there, there is also an opportunity to create a piece of art about the night sky.  It can be any of the following: photo, poem, visual arts, dance, music, etc.

Click on the link below to learn more.  

Sky Search Email.docx



BioBlitz in English  Bioblitz in Spanish 

Check out this amazing opportunity to observe the natural world and share it with others

BioBlitz: National Geographic Society

Learn more about Bioblitz with students from around the country

Identify Living Things with the Seek App     

Andrew and I have been identifying plants and insects around our neighborhood.  A fun family activity!

The Best Camouflage Bugs! Bug videos from Thanksgiving Point.

Google Earth  Where in the world can you go?  Start from school and travel around the world. Find your home. Investigate different parts of the world. Then, tell a family member what you observed, or better yet, email or Class Dojo me and share what you observed!!!    

The Five Senses  Generation Genius

What is Engineering?  Generation Genius

Mo Willems Lunch Doodles  The Kennedy Center: This is Language Arts, but well worth the visit!

Ms. Gretchen and Andrew read Iggy Peck Architect by Andrea Beaty illustrated by David Roberts

Ada Twist, Scientist  Read from Space



Pushes and Pulls   BrainPOP Jr.                            Username: Backman     Password: School​

Pushes and Pulls  Generation Genius

Four Seasons and Day Length Generation Genius

Living and non Living

Living vs. Nonliving by Generation Genius


1st grade: 

Seasons and Space Patterns

Seasons by BrainPop Jr.                                                               Username: Backman     Password: School​

The Sun  BrainPOP Jr.                                                                   Username: Backman     Password: School

Four Seasons and Day Length Generation Genius

Patterns in the Sky Generation Genius

Moon of my Own Read from Space


2nd ​grade: 

Living Things and Their Habitats

Utah Habitats at the Hogle Zoo! 

Identify Living Things with the Seek App     Andrew and I have been identifying plants and insects around our neighborhood.  A fun family activity.


Materials and Matter

BrainPOP Jr.

Physical and Chemical Changes                                         Username: Backman     Password: School

Generation Genius

Materials, Properties, and Purpose

Classification of Materials


Changes in the Earth’s Surface

Changing the Shape of the Land by Generation Genius

Slow Land Changes by BrainPop Jr.                                Username: Backman     Password: School​

Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers by Generation Genius

3rd Grade: 

Effects of Traits on Survival


Week of May 4th

Why Do Birds Lay Eggs in Spring? Mystery Science               Today, after viewing this video, ask your parents if you can go outside to observe animals or plants that might be changing, or doing something different, in the Spring.

Why Do Plants Grow Flowers? Mystery Science                       Don’t worry about the activity at the end, unless you’d like to draw your own flower.  However, if you can go outside, look for flowers, have your finger be the bee flying from flower to flower drinking nectar and pollinating.                                                                                                                


Force Affects Motion


Week of April 27th

Magnets by BrainPop Jr.                                                      Username: Backman     Password: School​

Magnets and Static Electricity by Generation Genius


Week of April 20th

Mousetronaut by Astronaut Mark Kelly

Gravity Pulls Things Down by Generation Genius



Generation Genius:  

Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

What is Engineering?



Pushes and Pull                                                                         Username: Backman     Password: School

Forces                                                                                         Username: Backman     Password: School

Mystery Science:

Mystery Science:  Balanced Forces and Engineering         

Ms. Gretchen:                                                                                                   

Ms. Gretchen and Andrew read Iggy Peck Architect by Andrea Beaty illustrated by David Roberts




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