Third Grade Walking for Hunger!


unicefHello Backman Community! Ms. Duong’s third grade classroom was fully funded for the "UNICEF Kid Power Band" program again this year. This program will run from now until the end of the school year. Students in her classroom will be wearing a blue UNICEF Kid Power Band throughout the day which will track their movement and steps that they take. It is basically like a fitbit/fitness tracker. These steps that they take are converted into "Kid Power Points" (2,500 steps = 1 point). These points are then converted into "Therapeutic food packets" that will be sent to severely malnourished children around the world. (10 points = 1 packet of food donated from my classroom). At the end of the school year, these power bands get to go home with my students and they can continue their efforts into the summer! :) 

You can learn more here if you're interested. 

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