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Fall School Schedule: 8am - 2pm daily


You should be working every day from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Log in to Canvas by 8:00 am

  - Log in to your morning meeting by 8:00 am

  - Communicate technical troubles or illnesses to teacher through email or Class Dojo by 8:15

  - Stay logged in until 2:00 pm



Keep your camera on

Actively participate in class assignments and activities

Complete and submit assignments

Ask questions and help others


Advice & Tips:

  – Contact your teacher if something with technology goes wrong during the day

  – Reach out to teachers and counselors if students are struggling with learning

  – Please make doctor, dentist, or other appointments after 2 pm when possible. Please provide a note if the appointment must be during the day.


Our Goal is to have no more than five absences during the school year. 

  - Communicate extended absences in advance

  - Please make doctor, dentist, or other appointments after 2:00 pm when possible.


Learning will take place all day. We are excited to celebrate your learning with you!

Remember that you are not in this alone. Backman is here to support you throughout the day and the 2020-21 school year. Together we know we can accomplish hard things.


We got this!!


TEACH School-wide Expectations

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