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Utah Public Libraries Summer Digital Reading Challenge!

Backman Families.  If you still have library books you can drop them off at the office.



Internet Safety:  Students and Families here are some ways to think about Digital Citizenship!  Remember think before you click! Take breaks! Be kind and think of others!

CYBER BULLING, Salt Lake City District

NetSafe Utah : NetSafe Utah provides online videos and resources for kids, teens, parents and educators, including Internet Safety information that Utah schools need to meet the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requirements.


Educational Games and Learning Sites 


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                              book             abcya                                                    Image result for stmath STMath                                                    Lexia                                                                                                                                         

Explore : has thousands of live animal cam streams that any student will love to watch!

National Geographic Kids : A wonderful website for kids to explore and learn all about animals and Earth.

Welcome to Backman Library!  Library Hours:  School Days, 7:50 am to 20 minutes after the last bell

Book Check-Out
·        Kindergartners and First Graders may check out one book each week to read at school in their classroom and the library.  Parents may request a family book chosen by their student to be brought home for reading.
·        Second, Third and Fourth Graders may check out one book each week for reading at school and one book to be responsible for outside of school starting UEA break.
·        Fifth and Sixth Graders may check out two books each week, one being for reading in class and the library. Students may make special requests to check out additional books with the librarian with classroom teacher approval.
Overdue Books
·        A student, who has forgotten his /her library books on the regularly scheduled day for the class, may not check out until the overdue books are returned. Students are able to return and check out books during their class’ scheduled time, before or after school.
·        If the student has an overdue book a notice will be sent home at each trimester with their report card.
·        No fines are charged, but the student’s checkout privilege may be revoked until his/her record is cleared.
Lost or Damaged Books
·        The student is responsible for the care of all books he or she has checked out. If a book is lost or damaged, the student must pay for the replacement cost of the book.  If the student is unable to pay, other arrangements may be made with the library teacher.

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